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QFX3500 Jloader Firmware Upgrade Procedure

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QFX3500 Jloader Firmware Upgrade Procedure.
QFX3500 Detailed Jloader Firmware Upgrade Procedure.

1. The QFX3500 has two banks for the Jloader image and requires that both are upgraded.  The procedure listed provides the steps for upgrading both banks.

2. For Junos 11.3R1 and 11.3R2, the jloader image has to be installed using the no-validate option, or else the installation will fail with incompatible configuration error. This is not required for Junos 11.3R3 and above.

3.  Following the completion of the jloader upgrade for the first bank, the package will be deleted after the reboot and will need to be downloaded or copied from /var/sw/pkg so that it is available for the upgrade of the second bank.

  1. Download the loader software package from the Juniper Networks website and place the software package on an internal software distribution site or in a local directory on the switch. We recommend using /var/tmp as the local directory on the switch.
    NOTE: The jloader image can be downloaded from PSN-2011-05-258 link listed below.
root@qfx3500% ls
gres-tp krt_gencfg_filter.txt

  1. Log into the QFX3500 Switch and enter the shell <issue "start shell" from cli prompt>.  We recommend using a console connection.
  2. Determine the version of the loader software in the bank:
    kenv | grep boot.version

    root@qfx3500% kenv | grep boot.version
  3. Enter the CLI from shell (type "cli" from shell prompt) and install the loader package:

    user@switch> request system software add package
    Replace package with one of the following paths:
    1. For a software package in the /var/tmp directory on the switch request system software add  /var/tmp/jloader-qfx-11.3-20110510.0-signed.tgz no-validate
    2. For a software package on a remote server:

        • ftp://hostname/pathname/jloader-qfx-11.3-20110510.0-signed.tgz 

    Example from option 1 above:
    juniper@qfx3500> request system software add /var/tmp/jloader-qfx-11.3-20110510.0-signed.tgz
    Verified jloader-qfx-11.3-20110510.0.tgz signed by PackageProduction_11_3_0
    Adding jloader-qfx...
    Installation in progress, please wait...
    Mounted jloader-qfx package on /dev/md8...
    Verified manifest signed by PackageProduction_11_3_0
    Verified jloader-qfx-11.3-20110510.0 signed by PackageProduction_11_3_0
    Registering jloader-qfx as unsupported

    Installation finished successfully.
    Please reboot to activate the package
    Saving package file in /var/sw/pkg/jloader-qfx-11.3-20110510.0-signed.tgz ...
    Saving state for rollback ...

  4. When prompted, reboot the Control Board:
    juniper@qfx3500>> request system reboot
    Reboot the system ? [yes,no] (no) yes
  5. Enter the shell and verify that the primary bank contains the upgraded loader software:
    root@qfx3500% kenv | grep boot.version
  6. To install the loader software in the current backup bank, ensure the package is available as described in the note, repeat step 3 through step 6.
NOTE: It is required to perform the upgrade on both loader banks in order to ensure proper functionality.
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