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EX Switch - Jloader fails during installation when EX Switch is running Junos OS 9.x

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The Jloader installation will fail when trying to install on EX Switch if running Junos OS 9.x.  The EX Switch must be running on Junos OS 10.x or later release.

Jloader fails during installation with EX Switch running Junos OS 9.x. The following error is displayed:

root@ex-switch> request system software add /var/tmp/jloader-ex-3242-11.3I20110326_0802_hmerge-signed.tgz

Checking pending install on fpc0

Validating on fpc0
Done with validate on all virtual chassis members

Verified jloader-ex-3242-11.3I20110326_0802_hmerge.tgz signed by PackageDevelopment_11_3_0 Pre-checking requirements for jloader-ex-3242...
Auto-deleting old jloader-ex-3242...
Unmounted /packages/mnt/jloader-ex-3242-11.3I20110326_0802_hmerge ...
Adding jloader-ex-3242...
Installation in progress, please wait...
Mounted jloader-ex-3242 package on /dev/md10...
Verified manifest signed by PackageDevelopment_11_3_0 Registering jloader-ex-3242 as unsupported
/usr/libexec/ Shared object "" not found, required by "bootupgrade"
Installation failed with exit status 1
Saving package file in /var/sw/pkg/jloader-ex-3242-11.3I20110326_0802_hmerge-signed.tgz ...
Saving state for rollback ...

The Jloader cannot be installed if the EX Switch is running Junos OS 9.x. The Jloader is only supported starting with 10.x releases, and can only be installed if running Junos OS 10.x or later release.
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