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[SRX] Does Junos OS support DNS proxy?

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This article provides information about the support extended by SRX series platforms for the DNS proxy feature.


Does Junos OS support DNS-Proxy?  The show system services DNS-proxy cache CLI command is not available.



DNS proxy allows clients to use the device as a DNS proxy server. DNS proxy improves domain lookup performance by caching previous lookups. A typical DNS proxy processes DNS queries by issuing a new DNS resolution query to each name server that it has detected until the hostname is resolved.

When a DNS query is resolved by DNS proxy, the result is stored in the device's DNS cache. This stored cache helps the device to resolve subsequent queries from the same domain and avoid network latency delay. These entries have a time-to-live (TTL) timer so the device purges each entry from the cache as it reaches its TTL and expires.


SRX branch devices support DNS proxy in Junos OS 12.1X44-D10 and later..

Modification History:
2019-07-06: Removed statement about DNS proxy not being supported for SRX devices in a cluster.
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