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How to load a configuration file obtained from NSM in XML format to the CLI in JUNOS?



Article ID: KB21311 KB Last Updated: 24 Feb 2020Version: 2.0
Using an OP script, it is possible to load an XML formatted configuration from the command line (CLI) mode in JUNOS.
This script could be used for loading XML format configuration that is saved from NSM.
The information below explains how to load XML configuration in CLI mode on JUNOS using an OP script.
  • XML format sample
lab# show | no-more | save /config/db/scripts/op/test.xml | display xml
Wrote 191 lines of output to '/config/db/scripts/op/test.xml'

root@:RE:0% cd /config/db/scripts/op
root@:RE:0% more test.xml
<configuration junos:changed-seconds="1299828253" junos:changed-localtime="2011-03-11 07:24:13 UTC">


  1.  Create an OP script on the device.
In shell mode on JUNOS, create an OP script using the vi editor, or upload the OP script file at "/config/db/scripts/op"

lab> start shell
% su -
root@:RE:0% cd /config/db/scripts/op/
root@:RE:0% vi load-configration.slax


Copy and paste blow context in vi editor

*OP script file i,e, load-configration.slax

* Loads the text configuration stored in <file> using the <action> specified.
* file = full pathname for file
* action = [merge], override, replace, update
* format = [ascii] or xml
version 1.0;

ns junos = "*/junos";
ns xnm = "";
ns jcs = "";

import "../import/junos.xsl";

/* Command-line arguments */
var $arguments = {
    <argument> {
        <name> "filename";
        <description> "The configuration file to load, including the full path.";
    <argument> {
        <name> "action";
        <description> "Load action: merge, override, replace, update";
    <argument> {
        <name> "format";
        <description> "Either ascii or xml format";
param $filename;
param $action = "merge";
param $format = "ascii";

match / {
    <op-script-results> {

        if( string-length( $filename ) == 0 ) {
            <xsl:message terminate="yes"> "Configuration file must be specified.";

        /* Lock the configuration */
        var $connection = jcs:open();
        var $lock-results = jcs:execute( $connection, "lock-configuration" );
        if( jcs:empty( $lock-results/..//xnm:error ) ) {

            var $load-rpc = <load-configuration url=$filename action=$action format=$format>;
            var $load-results = jcs:execute( $connection, $load-rpc );

            if( jcs:empty( $load-results/..//xnm:error ) ) {

                var $commit-results = jcs:execute( $connection, "commit-configuration" );
                copy-of $commit-results;
                var $unlock-results = jcs:execute( $connection, "unlock-configuration" );
                copy-of $unlock-results;
            else {
                copy-of $load-results;

                /* Don't leave it locked because the load failed */
                var $unlock-results = jcs:execute( $connection, "unlock-configuration" );
                copy-of $unlock-results;
        else {
            copy-of $lock-results;
        expr jcs:close( $connection );

It is possible to upload the script file to the device via FTP. The script should be located in "/config/db/scripts/op".

root@EX4200:RE:0% cd /config/db/scripts/op
root@EX4200:RE:0% ls
test.xml stats-temp
load-configuration.slax temp.slax
  1. JUNOS configuration for OP script.
lab@EX4200# show system
root-authentication {
    encrypted-password "$ABC123"; ## SECRET-DATA
scripts {
    op {
        file load-configuration.slax;
login {
    user lab {
        uid 2001;
        class super-user;
        authentication {
            encrypted-password "$ABC123"; ## SECRET-DATA

  1. Upload XML format configration to device via FTP.
  2. Run OP script
lab@EX4200> op load-configuration ?
Possible completions:
   <[Enter]>          Execute this command
   <name>             Argument name
   action             Load action: merge, override, replace, update
   detail             Display detailed output
   filename           The configuration file to load, including the full path.
   format             Either ascii or xml format
    |          Pipe through a command
lab@EX4200>op load-configuration filename /config/db/scripts/op/test.xml format xml action merge
configuration check succeeds commit complete

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