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Software Subscription registration bulk upload error

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On occasion, some users receive the error 'subscription registration bulk upload' when attempting to upload a text file via the software subscription registration bulk upload tool option.  The tool times out and generates an error to contact Juniper Customer Care.  Below you'll find information on what is causing the error and how to work around it.

  • A text file with 1000+ subscription authorization codes and corresponding serial numbers is uploaded via the subscription registration tool bulk upload option.

  • When the file is uploaded, the tool takes a long time to process and then times out, displaying an error message to contact Juniper Customer Care.
The License Management System (LMS) and the Juniper Agile Licensing (JAL) tools are designed to manage up to 1000 subscription registrations at one time.  If more than the allowable number of registrations is uploaded, the tool will time out and generate an error.

The solution is to split the upload text file into maximum 1000 line items or less; this allows the tool to resume normal operation.

For further assistance, contact Customer Care.
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2019-08-30: Content reviewed for accuracy; contact link updated.
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