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[WLC] JTAC Recommended Wireless Software Versions

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This article lists versions of WLC/WLA software which are recommended by JTAC. It will assist with determining which version of software to download and install.

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For customers planning an upgrade or initial installation, JTAC recommends that customers consider the following WLA/WLC versions. These versions are selected using input from Juniper Networks engineers and customers, and analysis of field usage data.

Exceptions to these recommendations include:

  • JTAC has specifically recommended that customers use a software version that is different from what is listed.
  • You require specific features that are only available in another version of the software.  In this case, please be sure to download the latest maintenance release.

  • Your currently installed version is working well.

The JTAC recommended wireless software releases are:

Platform JTAC Recommended
Wireless Software
by Platform
MX-200 MSS Standard 28 March 2017
MX-216 MSS Standard 28 March 2017
WLC800/MX-800 MSS Standard 28 March 2017
WLC880 MSS Standard 28 March 2017
WLC2800/MX-2800 MSS Standard 28 March 2017
WLC2/MX-R2 MSS Standard 28 March 2017
WLC8/MX-8 MSS Standard
28 March 2017
RM-200/ RingMaster RM Standard
28 March 2017
WLC100 MSS Standard 28 March 2017
Virtual WLC (vWLC) MSS Standard
28 March 2017
Smart Pass SP Standard 28 March 2017

* To download MSS software, go here:

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2017-06-08: Updated the column, 'Last updated' to 2017 dates.

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