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[SRX] How to find the version information of the Junos Pulse Desktop client used for SRX Dynamic VPN connections

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This article provides information on how to find version information for Junos Pulse Desktop Client.


The Junos Pulse Desktop Client version can be found via:

  • The GUI
  • The Pulse logs

Via the GUI:
  1. Go to  Help > About:

  2. Click version details:

  3. The Pulse Version Details window, as shown below, is displayed. In the list, look for Pulse User Interface and the number next to it. The Pulse version can be derived from the first 3 digits.

    For example, the version number can be derived as 2.1R1 (Using the first 3 digits of the complete version).
Via the Pulse logs:

For the sake of convenience, assume that the logs have been previously saved to the default Windows location, which is typically:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\

To find the version information from the Junos Pulse logs:

  1. By default, the name of the logs is, which can be unzipped to the same path and Directory name. For example:

    C:\Documents and Settings\user1\My Documents\LogsAndDiagnostics\

  2. In the LogsAndDiagnostics directory, look for the Junos Pulse sub-directory.

  3. The versionInfo.ini file, in the Junos Pulse sub-directory, contains the version number, which will be the same version found in the previous method.
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