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Resolution Guide - SRX - Troubleshooting IDP

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This guide references Resolution Guides and articles for verifying and troubleshooting IDP.


Step 1. First, verify the attack database has been downloaded and installed. To do this, refer to the following:

Verify/Troubleshoot SRX / IDP Attack Database
SRX KB23422 - Resolution Guide - SRX - Verify/Troubleshoot IDP attack database

Chassis Cluster

KB23423 - Resolution Guide - SRX - Verify/Troubleshoot IDP attack database on SRX in a Chassis Cluster

Step 2.  Which of the following best describes your IDP functionality issue?

Troubleshoot SRX / IDP Issues
IDP Policy KB16489 - SRX Getting Started - Quick Setup Guide for Configuring IDP on a SRX (includes Configure Recommended Policy as the IDP Policy)
TN74 - App Note on IDP Policy creation with CLI and NSM
KB22096 - Troubleshooting IDP policy update failure on SRX Series known issues
Technical Documentation Reference: IDP Policies
Logging KB16224 - How to forward Syslogs from SRX to STRM
Technical Documentation Reference: IDP Logging
Attack Detection KB15819 - How to list the attacks detected by IDP on SRX platform
KB23397 - How to revert to an earlier IDP Signature Attack Database
Technical Documentation Reference: IDP Attacks and Attack Objects
Quick Links Problem Report Search - For known and fixed issues, select Base Version, enter idp in Search options, and click Search. Then click 'SRX Series' on left side.
Technical Documentation for SRX IDP
KB16109 - Troubleshoot SRX IDP

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