[Junos Space Platform] How to change the password on Junos Space?

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This article provides information on how to change a Junos Space user's password.
Need to change a Junos Space user's password from Space Platform.
Logon to Junos Space Platform WebUI by using the user credentials for which the password has to be changed.  Users who are logged on to Junos Space can change their account password, by using the User Settings icon. You do not have to have any user roles configured to change your password.

Note: Junos Space Security Director also provides an option to change Password, without having to switch to Space Platform.

  1. To change the password, click the User Settings icon, which is located in the Junos Space task bar. The User Preferences - Change User Settings > Password window is displayed:

  2. In the User Preferences - Change User Settings > Password window type the old password, new password, re-type the new password to confirm, and then click OK to save the password.
    Note: The password must be between 6 to 31 characters long and must include two numbers or symbols

  3. After clicking OK, you will be logged out of the system. Logon again using the new password. Any open sessions will be disabled, until you login again.

Super User Accounts

If you are a super user, you can modify the user passwords for all the other users via the Users Account tab; as highlighted in the following image:

  1. Navigate to:  Role Based Access Control > User Accounts
  2. Modify any local user .  
  3. Change the password as highlighted. 
  4. Click "Finish" to save the changes
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