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[SRX] Difference between "load factory-default" and "request system zeroize media"

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This article differentiates between the use of the load factory-default and request system zeroize media commands. It also describes the commands that are used to reset the device to factory defaults.



request system zeroize media

When the request system zeroize media operation mode command is used via the Command Line Interface (CLI), the device can be reset to factory defaults. This operation will erase all logs and data, and then load the factory-default configuration on the device. This is the same as using the Reset Config button on the front panel of the SRX100, SRX210, SRX240, and SRX650 Series devices.

After running this command, when a device is rebooted, it will not ask for a password and it will have no logs.

Note that licenses are not deleted when this command is executed. This is the intended behavior of the fix for PR863962 - License is deleted on SRX after zeroise, if autorecovery state is not saved and it was resolved in 12.1X44-D25, 12.1X45-D15, 12.1X46-D10.

However, licenses can be deleted, if desired, with the command request system license delete <license-key-identifier>, as discussed in KB17729 - How do I remove a license key.

Note: On the SRX5000 Series of devices, request system zeroize should be used, because the media option is not currently supported on this series.


load factory-default

The load factory-default command in Config mode will erase only the existing configuration and load the factory-default configuration. However, the root-authentication password must be set before committing the configuration.

For more information, refer to KB15725 - SRX Getting Started - Factory Reset.

Note: Console access is required to execute request system zeroize, whereas it is not mandatory for load factory-default. But if the user is running the load factory-default command via a “non-console” connection to any IP address (management or otherwise), the user needs to ensure that the configuration to the interface used for the current connection is restored before commit.


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