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[Junos Content Encore (formerly MFC)] Objects are not deleted from the RAM cache even when their object cache threshold value has expired

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This article describes the issue of objects not being deleted from the RAM cache, even when the object cache threshold value has expired.
Objects are still present in the RAM, even after the cache threshold timer has expired in JCE. As you can see in the following image, some of the small objects are not deleted in RAM after the cache-age-threshold.

If you look at the generated output (highlighted in green), on May 2nd, 2012, most the objects have already expired; but it still shows that the current location of the objects is RAM. It is not sure if JCE is removing objects, once the object's cache threshold expires.


  • If an object expires in RAM cache, then it will not get purged immediately from RAM, as long as there is still sufficient space available in the RAM cache to accommodate the new incoming object.
  • If an object is fetched from the origin and there is not much space left in the RAM cache to accommodate the new object, then only the expired objects will get evicted from RAM cache to provide more space for the new objects.
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