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[AX/SRX] How to turn off the 'juniper-default' SSID on the AX-411 device

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 This article provides information on how to adjust the settings on the AX-411 device to permanently turn off the juniper-default SSID.
  • By default, AX-411 transmits the juniper-default SSID.

  • Even though this setting will still use WPA2 personal security and AES-CCMP encryption, most administrators prefer not to broadcast the SSID at all.
  • This signal is automatically transmitted via VAP 0 (Virtual Access Point) from both radios.

  • Configuring the [wlan] services from the SRX device will push the settings from the SRX to the AX-411 device.

  • However, if VAP 0 is not configured with anything, it will continue to automatically transmit the juniper-default SSID.
 There are several options to stop the AX-411 device from transmitting the default SSID:

  • Configure VAP 0 on one or both of the radios with a custom SSID, which will override the juniper-default SSID setting.

  • If you do not want to use radio 1 (which uses the 5GHz range) or radio 2 (which uses the 2.4 GHz range), you can explicitly turn them off within the configuration. For example:
    set wlan access-point <AP name> radio <1 or 2> radio-options radio-off
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