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[SRX] Support for LACP on a SRX650 device with 10-GigabitEthernet interfaces

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This article describes the issue of being unable to configure LACP on a SRX650/550 device with 10-GigabitEthernet interfaces.


The 10-GigabitEthernet (XE) physical interfaces comes up and are operational, however when 10-Gig interface is added to redundant Ethernet (reth) interface, reth remains down.


Prior to 12.1X44-D10 aggregation was not supported on SRX650/550 10Gig interface.


You have to upgrade SRX650/550 cluster to 12.1X44-D10 or later in 12.1X series to have link aggregation support.

In 12.1X44-D10 or later, you can have two 10.Gig interface on SRX650/550 to be member of reth interface and you can enable LACP too. If LACP is not enabled then the reth interface will also come up due to LAG.

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