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What version of OpenSSH is installed on each version of Junos OS?

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Some security vulnerabilities are addressed in more recent versions of OpenSSH. This article shows how to determine the version of OpenSSH running on the Junos device.  



To check the version of OpenSSH:

  • Execute the ssh -V command on the shell in Junos OS.


root@router-re0% ssh -V
OpenSSH_6.0, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL 0.9.8y 5 Feb 2013
SSH release 12.3R4.6 built by builder on 2013-09-13 03:19:31 UTC


Modification History:

2018-08-21: Modified list in Solution section to include Junos OS 15.1X49-D100 and later, and releases 17.3, 17.4, 18.1, and 18.
2019-03-29: Removed list of Junos OS versions.  Left instructions on how to find the version.


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