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By adding fake vulnerabilities, will I be attracting new attackers to my site?

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 If the Mykonos Web Security (MWS) adds fake vulnerabilities, will they attract new attackers to my site?
When a malicious user attacks a site, they fall into two main categories.  Either the attacker is trying to find any website that has a specific easily exploitable vulnerability (any of hundreds of common, known, vulnerabilities), or they are explicitly targeting a single site looking for any vulnerabilities they can find.  In the first case, Mykonos doesn't simulate known vulnerabilities in 3rd party applications, so the MWS won't attract their interest.  In the second case they are already focused on your site, so any additional steps Mykonos takes will just make their job more difficult.    

In short, MWS won't attract new attackers, but it will make things considerably more difficult for attackers who do attack your site.

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