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How do I get on-line help for my Mykonos Web Security (MWS)?

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Where do I access help documentation for my MWS?
In addition to the context sensitive help fields found throughout the WebUI interface, the MWS includes extensive on-line documentation.   The on-line docs are actively maintained and updated automatically any time there are relevant changes to your MWS system.  They will always be the most current version.

To reach it, log into the WebUI, go to Configuration, and select the Help link.

The help link will take you to the complete Mykonos system documentation.   The documentation is in HTML format and cross linked for easy reference and navigation.  If you wish to create hardcopy, or read the documentation off-line, you can retrieve a copy of the documentation in Portable Document Format (PDF) format from your MWS.  The PDF version is updated automatically on your system whenever there are changes to the documentation.

The User_Guide.pdf file is included in the main user_guide directory on your MWS.  The direct URL is:

https://<your MWS>:5000/docs/user_guide/User_Guide.pdf

If you navigate to the Help system above, just type User_Guide.pdf at the end of the URL field in your browser, and it will take you directly to the PDF version of the documentation.
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