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NSM Support tool created by JTAC



Article ID: KB24982 KB Last Updated: 23 Mar 2018Version: 6.0

This article provides information about the NSM support tool.


The existing script is dated and does not gather all the required data. There is a replacement version that gathers much more information about the system.


JTAC has created a replacement/alternative to the existing script included with NSM.

Improvements are ongoing. Periodically check this article for updated versions.

The new script will work with any version of NSM.

Note that some features may not work on Solaris.

The current version of the script is: jtac-support-2015-04-28.tgz.



  1. SCP to NSM system.

  2. Extract the file:
    tar zxf jtac-support-<version>.tgz
  3. (Optional, but recommended) Copy the file to /usr/bin so you can run it from any path in the system, and update permissions:
    mv jtac-support-2015-04/jtac-support /usr/bin/
    chmod +x /usr/bin/jtac-support
  4. Required for core on 2012.2R9 and 2012.2R10  (Included with 2012.2R11+):
    cp -R jtac-support-2015-04/gdb-7.8-install  /usr/netscreen/HaSvr/utils/
    chmod 755 /usr/netscreen/HaSvr/utils/gdb-7.8-install
    chown nsm:nsm /usr/netscreen/HaSvr/utils/gdb-7.8-install


If the script is installed in /usr/bin/, you can run the jtac-support command from any path in the system. Otherwise, the full path must be specified.

NSM Base Path is /usr/netscreen

Script Version: 2014-06-16
Reminder: You must be root when you run this script!
Some options may not work on Solaris

Usage: jtac-support <flag>


Info Gathering:
 logs      -- Gui, Dev & HA logs and System Information
 db        -- GuiSvrDB Backup only
 core      -- Gathers gdb output and Most Recent Corefile from each process
 devSvrVar -- Gather DevSvr files from Var WITHOUT Device logs (no Solaris)
 stop         -- Stop ALL NSM processes
 start        -- Start ALL NSM processes
 ver          -- NSM Version, all processes
 status       -- Status of all NSM processes
 cleanscript  -- remove tar files in system created by this script
 cleannsm     -- remove known unneeded files in NSM directories
 javadump     -- gather javadumps for review
 schemaclean  -- Removes unnecessary schema files
 3000check    -- Check for known NSM3000 specific issues
 nsmUSRFiles  -- Gather usr netscreen files (no Solaris)
 snapshot     -- snapshot NSM environment, NSM should be off, no DeviceLogs (no Solaris)


Upload data to JTAC

For information on uploading large files to a JTAC case, see KB23337 - How to upload large files to a JTAC Case.

If you have not yet created a case, see KB15034 - Contact Support - Phone number for Customer Care and Juniper Technical Assistance Center (JTAC).


Extended description

For all data collection, the script will prompt for the working directory. Press Enter to use the default location, or specify a specific location if your system does not have enough free space in the default path.

For all created tar files, a MD5 is calculated and displayed. If any file is larger than 2 GB, it is split into 2-GB chunks.


  • This script can gather the NSM DB when it is running (unlike the old version).
  • It checks if the DB is running, gathers data using the old method (if off), and uses db_hotbackup, if the DB is running.
  • Prompts to delete unnecessary schema data (if it exists on the system) to reduce backup size.
  • Excludes any files with the following names:
*.tgz dmi-schema-stage
* logs 
  • Runs various system commands to gather information about the system. Each command is listed as it runs.
  • Gathers all log files that are most relevant to NSM cases. The files are listed as they are gathered.
  • Gathers java process dump information.
  • Checks for core files. Prompts to gather them, if found.
  • Checks for NSM3000 issues, if the system is detected as NSM3000.


  • Checks for core files in *Svr/bin /var/cores.
  • Runs file on each discovered core file to determine what caused it to be created.
  • Does bt/bt full on all cores for known processes, and saves to file.
  • Gathers core/binary/gdboutput.
  • If more than seven days old, prompts user to decide whether to gather it or not.
  • If from Status, check svr.cfg and permissions before opening a case.
  • If from GuiSvrManager, offers to collect NSM DB as well.
  • If logs has not been run yet, offers to run the logs option.



2015-04-28 - changes

  • (core) Support for gdb7.8 in HaSvr/utils NSM 2012.2R11+.
  • gdb7.8 in bundle.
  • (logs) Fixed core detection when running logs.
  • (logs) Added All log sizes per day.
  • (logs) Added Start/Stop backup Token collection.
  • (snapshot) modified to work with Extended HA.


  • Renamed output files to be more consistent.
  • Moved Time before file type for better grouping.
  • Build no longer listed in filename for NSM 2012.2.
  • Now collecting with logs: fstab devCommProp.cfg, jax.spec DB_CONFIG.
  • Corrected gathering of haSvr.cfg.
  • Notes if DB was gathered from Primary or Secondary in filename.
  • sec-update files no longer excluded from DB copy.
  • schemacleanup does not run if NSM 2012.2.
  • schemacleanup no longer uses find.
  • Added arcconf getstatus and fdisk -l.
  • Added NSM device log statistics collection.
  • Corrected NSM file ls output.
  • Skips NSM appliance detection if Solaris.
  • Added option to collect DevSvr var files.
  • Added option to gather usr files for backup.
  • Added snapshot option.
  • Added check to not run db gathering if DB is not found.
  • Added MD5 of NSM binaries.


  • Now collects psql.log.
  • Lists all the files being gathered (when run with the logs option).
  • If only DevSvr or GuiSvr is used, the created log filename is labeled accordingly.
  • Output from running ls for NSM paths now follows symlinks.
  • For NSM3000 systems, it now checks if the firmware update is required on hard drives, and corrects the recovery partition boot issue.
  • The Stop command now detects if NSM is running in HA, and does not stop the active system if the other is in standby with an out of sync DB.


  • Changed schema cleanup to present option to run if unneeded files are found when collecting NSM DB.
  • Modifications to improve speed when excluding files from collected logs.
  • Prevented errors from java dump when DevSvr and GuiSvr are not installed on the system.
  • Improved cleanup after logs are collected.
  • nsmsysteminfo is now found in the root of the archive, instead of in the working directory.
  • Fixed NSM file list gathering.
  • Fixed NSM DB info gathering.
  • Added note that refers to the article for uploading files to JTAC.


  • First release.
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