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[ScreenOS] How to configure L2TP on an Android phone

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This article provides information on how to configure L2TP on an Android phone.



  • NetScreen L2TP tunnel configuration.
  • L2TP with no IPSec

  • Android Operating System is being used on the client.
  • NetScreen-Remote is not involved on the client side.



To configure L2TP without IPSec on the Juniper device, refer to Step 6 in the procedure mentioned in the L2TP Configuration without IPSec - Version 1.0 Application Note. Please note that Juniper is not responsible for client side configuration/issues. These settings may differ depending on the Android version and phone vendor.

Settings on the Android phone:

  1. Open All apps on the Android phone and select Settings:

  2. Click Wireless & networks:

  3. Click VPN settings:

  4. Click Add VPN:

  5. Click Add L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN:

  6. Enter the following information:

    • Unblock in the VPN name field.
    • The VPN server address in the Set VPN server field.
    • The secret code in the Set IPSec pre-shared key field and disable L2TP secret.
    • In the DNS search domain field, enter either the Open DNS or Google DNS.
    • To save the settings, press the Menu button (physical button on the phone) and click Save.

  7. The VPN setting is now ready. Click the new VPN connection -

  8. Type your e-mail as the Username/Password and click Connect:

The Unblock VPN connection is now established:

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