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[EX/QFX/MX] Restarting the MGD process

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This article provides information about restarting the management process or daemon (MGD), without having to restart the entire routing engine.



What command should be used to restart the MGD process?



The command to restart the MGD process is:

> restart management

There are several knobs that can be used at the end of the command:

> restart management ?
Possible completions:
<[Enter]>             Execute this command
gracefully            Gracefully restart the process
immediately           Immediately restart (SIGKILL) the process
soft                  Soft reset (SIGHUP) the process
|                     Pipe through a command

Note: The command to restart the MGD process in switching products is the same as above. However, management is a hidden knob in these products.


Modification History:

2018-10-31: Article updated to include information about switching products; EX and QFX product categories added


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