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What are the minimum system requirements for Mykonos Web Security (MWS)?

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 What is the minimum recommended system for deploying Mykonos Web Security (MWS)?
Mykonos Web Security (MWS) is available as an .iso image to install on your own hardware, as a VMWare Virtual Machine image for installation in your ESX infrastructure, as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) installation and, by late 2012, a dedicated hardware appliance.

When installing on your own hardware or virtual environment, you must assure the system meets the following minimum standards.

Physical Hardware:
  • Minimum 2 cores at 2.0 GHz    ( 2.4 GHz or higher and 4 or more cores preferred )
  • Minimum 8 Gig RAM
  • Minimum 30 Gig hard drive

Virtual Hardware:
  • Minimum 2 vCores at 2.0 GHz    ( 2.4 GHz or higher and 4 or more cores preferred )
  • Minimum 8 Gig RAM dedicated to the Virtual Machine
  • Minimum 30 Gig of Tier 2 grade storage.

These are minimum specifications and should provide sufficient performance for most applications.  However, application traffic and server load can vary widely.  Your site may require higher performance hardware, or virtual hardware, to adequately handle the load.
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