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[M/MX/T/TX/PTX/SRX] How to check if Junos is 64 or 32 bit on a router

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This article provides information on how to check if Junos is 64 or 32 bit on a router.
  • Just like any other operating system, the 64-bit version of the Junos operating system can address more memory than the 32-bit version of the operating system.

  • To support larger routing engine memory sizes, an upgrade from the 32-bit to the 64-bit Junos OS, which is running on the routing engine hardware, is necessary.

  • The upgrade path is relatively straightforward and another form of routing engine hardware and software upgrade.
lab@MX480-2-RE-0> show version detail | match 64
JUNOS 64-bit Kernel Software Suite [11.4R4-R1]
If you check the same for 32 bit on the router, it will not provide any information:
lab> show version detail | match 32

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