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[ScreenOS] Do ScreenOS devices support VLAN tagging with PPPoE connection?

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This article provides information about the possibility of configuring a ScreenOS device with the PPPoE WAN interface and VLAN tagging.
An attempt was made to configure a PPPoE connection on the VLAN tagged interface; but the following error was generated:
firewall-> set interface "ethernet0/4" zone "Internet"
firewall-> set interface "ethernet0/4.1" tag 100 zone "Internet"
firewall-> set pppoe name "ISP_PPPOE"
firewall-> set pppoe name "ISP_PPPOE" username "naman" password "xxxxxxxx"
firewall-> set pppoe name "ISP_PPPOE" interface ethernet0/4.1
Invalid interface ethernet0/4.1
On the WebUI, the sub-interface is not available for selection:

This is by design. Sub-interfaces cannot be selected for the PPPoE profile on ScreenOS devices.
ScreenOS devices can use only the physical interfaces to bind a PPPoE instance.
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