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Overview of the Junos Space default user IDs and passwords AND changing the Admin password

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This article provides an overview of the default user IDs and passwords used for Junos Space, along with information on how to change the Admin password.  Instructions for changing the Super or Maintenance ID passwords can be found using the links provided.

  • What's the difference between the three username and password pairs that can be used with Junos Space?

  • How do I reset or change the default passwords?

  • I forgot the admin password, how do I reset it?


The three different user IDs and default passwords are as follows:

  • admin for CLI login  (default password: abc123)

  • super for WebUI (default password: juniper123)

  • Maintenance for maintenance operations. The password is set by the admin user during the initial configuration (that is, there is no default password).

Change / Modify / Reset the default password


  • Change or modify - the default password (abc123) is used during the initial configuration, after installation. The initial configuration prompts the user to change the default password. Later on, this password can still be changed by using the Junos Space CLI menu settings, as shown below:
    Welcome to the Junos Space network settings utility.
    Initializing, please wait
    Junos Space Settings Menu
    1> Change Password
    2> Set DNS Servers
    3> Change Time Options
    4> Retrieve Logs
    5> Security
    6> (Debug) run shell
    Q> Quit
    R> Redraw Menu
    Choice [1-6,QR]:
  • Reset: When the last working password is forgotten, there are two separate procedures  to reset the  admin password for Junos Space:



For more information, refer to KB16853 - What is the JUNOS Space maintenance user name and default password and how do I change the password.

Modification History:

2017-11-03: Added link for KB30506: How to reset the CLI admin password on a Junos Space

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