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How to replace a RMA screenOS device

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This article provides information on how to replace a failed ScreenOS device with a new one.
A firewall has failed and a RMA is executed. After the new device is received, it has to be put back into production.
  1. Disconnect the firewall from the network. If the device is powered on, power it off and remove all of the cables from it. If it is already powered off, then remove the cables from it. When you receive the new device, perform the rest of the procedure.
  2. For the new (replacement) device:
    1. Create a license  (refer to KB13500 - Transfer license keys to an RMA replacement device
    2. After the license is generated, add it to the device. For more information, refer to KB5485 - [ScreenOS] How do I load or upgrade my license key via the WebUI or the Command Line Interface (CLI)?
  3. Remove all of the cards, including the security blades and memory, from the old device and insert them in the new (replacement) device. For more information, refer to hardware documentation (i.e. ISG2000 Field Upgrade Guide, ISG1000 Field Upgrade Guide)
  4. Upgrade or downgrade to the correct ScreenOS version for your environment (Software Download site).
  5. Import the configuration:
  6. Place the new device back into the network. If the device is part of a cluster, you can power the device down and re-plug all of the interfaces into the network or plug the HA cables in first and then the rest of the interface cards.
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