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Are there substantial product changes with Mykonos Web Security (MWS) being renamed to Junos WebApp Secure (JWAS)?

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 It was announced at RSA 2013 that Mykonos Web Security (MWS) was being renamed to Junos WebApp Secure (JWAS).  Are there any product changes with that announcement?
While there were no changes to the released version of Mykonos Web Security (MWS), now known as Junos WepApp Secure (JWAS), at RSA 2013, several upcoming features were announced, as well as additional products in the family and further integration with other Juniper products.  No changes will appear until the next major release, tentatively scheduled for April 2013.  Documentation and Knowledge Base entries will be updated to reflect the new name, but the original Mykonos/MWS identification will remain valid for searching within the Knowledge Base for the immediate future.

Changes with the next release will have a dedicated KB article detailing the visible changes once the release comes out.

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