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[SRX] Troubleshooting Checklist - RADIUS

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This checklist references articles for verifying and troubleshooting RADIUS.




Step 1. Verify the RADIUS Configuration. To do this, refer to the following:

Verify RADIUS Configuration
KB16607 SRX Getting Started - Configure RADIUS
Example: Configuring RADIUS and LDAP User Authentication
Example: Configuring a RADIUS Server for System Authentication
Example: Specifying RADIUS Server Connections on the Device
Configuring RADIUS Authentication
IAS Server KB22482 [SRX] IAS server configuration

Step 2.  Which of the following best describes your RADIUS functionality issue?

Troubleshoot SRX / RADIUS Issues
Authentication Issues KB27250 - [SRX] RADIUS Local Authentication Issue
KB17335 - [SRX] Access Manager client gets 'Authentication Failure: Incorrect Credentials' error (using RADIUS Authentication)
KB17421 - [Dynamic VPN] Error “Invalid username or password specified” when trying to login and download the Pulse or Access Manager client (using RADIUS Authentication)
KB21085 - RADIUS Authentication under VRF
KB20908 - [SRX] Authenticating users via RADIUS with external group returned
KB20906 - Configure Dynamic-VPN user to be authenticated by Steel-Belted RADIUS and assigned IP address locally by SRX
Login Class Issues KB21685 - [Junos] How to assign a login class to RADIUS authenticated users
KB21223 - [SRX] Usage of Junos 'unauthorized' Login Class
Known and
Fixed Issues
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