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How to open a proactive maintenance window Tech Service Request

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This article describes the method and information needed to open a Technical Service Request proactively for a future-scheduled maintenance window.


When opening a Tech Service Request to request JTAC assistance for a maintenance window, several pieces of information regarding the event are needed.


The maintenance window information indicated in this article is needed to allow the engineer who is handling your JTAC service request to ensure the requested assistance and coverage during the window is in place and prepared for the event.


Please collect the following details regarding the maintenance window (prior to opening a Tech Service Request):

Maintenance Window Data Needed

  • Date(s) the window will occur: <<Please specify the day, month, and year>>
  • Time(s) the window will occur: <<Please include the Time Zone the meeting is scheduled in>>
  • Conference bridge phone number: <<Please include country and area code information>>
  • Conference bridge PIN Number: <<If required to enter the conference bridge>>
  • Description of the issue requiring the window: <<Please be as descriptive and concise as possible>>
  • Description of the actions JTAC is being asked to assist with: <<Please be as descriptive and concise as possible>>
  • Outputs and Attachments: <<Please collect any outputs and relevant files gathered before the issue and any requested outputs by the engineer>>

Maintenance Window Resources Needed

If a topology is available and relevant to the issue, please provide this information to the engineer and/or attach it to the service request.

  • Will JTAC be required to provide a Secure Meeting for this event?

Opening a Technical Service Request:
Once the necessary information has been collected, please proceed to open a service request by either:

  • Calling Customer Care at 1-888-314-5822 (US and Canada) or 1-408-745-9500 (all other countries).
  • Login to the My Juniper and click on Service Request then "Create New Service Request".
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