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[VXA/Junos Content Encore] How to manually calculate the bandwidth savings for a particular namespace

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Customers sometimes wish to know how much a particular namespace is saving them on bandwidth. Here is a way to calculate as a percentage.




If you have a namespace for which you are calculating bandwidth savings, you can calculate it as follows.

mfc141 # show namespace youtube_mp4_3pg counters
HTTP Resource Monitoring Counters:
Client Active Connections: 0
Current Application Bandwidth: 0.000 Mbps
Served Bytes: 4289313756
Transaction Per sec: 0
Cache Hit Ratio(Bytes): 50
Cache Hit Ratio(Req): 46
Total Object cached: 2525
SATA: 2525
SAS: 0
SSD: 0
HTTP Client Counters:
Number of requests: 4928
Number of responses: 4850
Total Bytes Received: 7475277
Total Bytes Sent: 2755627284          <<<<<<<<<<
From Memory Cache: 1379484803
From Disk Cache: 0
From Origin: 1375526340
From Tunnel: 608809
Cache Hits: 2210
Cache Misses: 2531
Responses with 2xx status code: 4762
Responses with 3xx status code: 81
Responses with 4xx status code: 7
Responses with 5xx status code: 78
Number of expired objects served: 0
HTTP Origin Counters:
Number of requests: 7515
Number of responses: 7515
Total Bytes Received: 1533686472          <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Total Bytes Sent: 11265753
Responses with 2xx status code: 7339
Responses with 3xx status code: 162
Responses with 4xx status code: 14
Responses with 5xx status code: 0
Number of Active Connections: 0
Cache Pinning Counters:
Number of objects pinned: 0
Total bytes pinned: 0
mfc141 #


Http Client Total Bytes Sent:  (MINUS) Http Origin Total Bytes Received:  (DIVIDED BY) Http Client Total Bytes Sent:

From the above namespace counters we do the following:

2755627284 minus 1533686472 divided by 2755627284 = 0.4434347195990385 (appx 44% bandwidth savings)

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