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[Junos] Monitor LSYS Session using SNMP



Article ID: KB28526 KB Last Updated: 21 Jul 2020Version: 2.0

This article shows how to monitor a Logical System session and resource by using SNMP. It includes examples of two MIB elements, jnxLsysSpFlowsessSummary and jnxLsysSpFlowsessObjects.



The goal is to provide Management Information Bases (MIB) for monitoring a logical system (LSYS) session and resource.



Starting in Junos OS 12.1, SRX provides MIB elements for monitoring a logical system (LSYS) session and resource, jnxLsysSpFlowsessSummary and jnxLsysSpFlowsessObjects:

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessSummary: Represents the flow session resource consumption summary. For more information on this MIB element, see jnxLsysSpFlowsessSummary.

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessObjects: Represents the logical system flow session specific objects , see jnxLsysSpFlowsessObjects.

Examples of jnxLsysSpFlowsess Output

In the example below, 100 sessions are created in Logical System LSYS1.> set cli logical-system LSYS1
Logical system: LSYS1> show security flow session summary
Flow Sessions on FPC7 PIC0:
Unicast-sessions: 100
Multicast-sessions: 0
Services-offload-sessions: 0
Failed-sessions: 0
Sessions-in-use: 100
  Valid sessions: 100
  Pending sessions: 0
  Invalidated sessions: 0
  Sessions in other states: 0
Maximum-sessions: 524288

In the example below, jnxLsysSpFlowsessObjects is polled in LSYS1 using SNMP and 100 sessions are shown in LSYS1. Note that you must poll Logical System LSYS1, not Root LSYS.

[netscreen@jupiter ~]$ snmpwalk -c LSYS1/default@juniper -v1 .

JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessUsage.'LSYS1' = Gauge32: 100
JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessReserved.'LSYS1' = Gauge32: 1000
JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessMaximum.'LSYS1' = Gauge32: 100000

MIB definitions:

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessProfileName is the security profile name string for LSYS.

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessUsage is the current resource usage count for LSYS.

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessReserved is the reserved resource count for LSYS.

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessMaximum is the maximum allowed resource usage count for LSYS.

In the example below, jnxLsysSpFlowsessSummary is polled using SNMP and session related information of LSYS1 is shown. Note that you must poll ROOT LSYS.

[netscreen@jupiter ~]$ snmpwalk -c default@juniper -v1 .

JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessProfileName.'root-logical-system' = STRING: Default-Profile
JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessUsage.'root-logical-system' = Gauge32: 0
JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessReserved.'root-logical-system' = Gauge32: 0
JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessMaximum.'root-logical-system' = Gauge32: 6291456
JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessUsedAmount.0 = Gauge32: 100
JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessMaxQuota.0 = Gauge32: 6291456
JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessAvailableAmount.0 = Gauge32: 6291356
JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessHeaviestUsage.0 = Gauge32: 100
JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessLightestUsage.0 = Gauge32: 0
JUNIPER-LSYSSP-FLOWSESS-MIB::jnxLsysSpFlowsessLightestUser.0 = STRING: root-logical-system ...(2 logical systems)

In the example below, jnxLsysSpFlowsessSummary is collected using CLI instead of SNMP.> show snmp mib walk jnxLsysSpFlowsess

jnxLsysSpFlowsessProfileName. = Default-Profile
jnxLsysSpFlowsessUsage. = 0
jnxLsysSpFlowsessReserved. = 0
jnxLsysSpFlowsessMaximum. = 6291456
jnxLsysSpFlowsessUsedAmount.0 = 100
jnxLsysSpFlowsessMaxQuota.0 = 6291456
jnxLsysSpFlowsessAvailableAmount.0 = 6291356
jnxLsysSpFlowsessHeaviestUsage.0 = 100
jnxLsysSpFlowsessHeaviestUser.0 = LSYS1
jnxLsysSpFlowsessLightestUsage.0 = 0
jnxLsysSpFlowsessLightestUser.0 = root-logical-system

MIB definitions:

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessUsedAmount is the amount of flow-session resource consumed by the overall LSYS.

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessMaxQuota is the maximum quota of the flow-session resource for the whole device for all LSYS.

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessAvailableAmount is the amount of flow-session resource available in the whole device.

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessHeaviestUsage is the most flow-session resource consumed by an LSYS.

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessHeaviestUser is the name of the LSYS that consumes the most flow-session resource.

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessLightestUsage is the least flow-session resource consumed by an LSYS.

  • jnxLsysSpFlowsessLightestUser is the name of the LSYS that consumes the least flow-session resource.


Modification History:

2020/07/21: Article reviewed for accuracy; minor changes made to match current Junos OS releases


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