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[Junos Content Encore (MFC)] How to control the number of access logs saved in versions earlier than 12.2.x

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This article explains how to control the number of access logs that will be saved in versions of Junos Content Encore (MFC) earlier than 12.2.x.

This does not apply to releases 12.2.x or later.




Customers running an image earlier than 12.2.x  can configure the MFC to maintain only N recent access log files at a given time. Generally, when the current access log file grows to 10MB, then the current file will be compressed and a new file will be opened to log the further access log.

Similarly, if N access log files are generated and compressed, then while opening the N+1 access log file, the MFC will automatically purge the first access log file. Likewise, while opening the N+2nd access log, it will delete the second access file.

This can be configured, using these commands:

accesslog <profile name> max-files <N>
accesslog default max-files <N>

The default N is 10. This means that at any given instance of time (if the MFC is running an image less than 12.2.x), the MFC will maintain 10 recent access log files.

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