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[ScreenOS] Timeout VPN when traffic is not flowing through the tunnel

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This article describes how to bring down the VPN if the traffic is not flowing through the tunnel.




Use a timeout option in the VPN phase 2 configuration.

Note: This can be configured only from the CLI.


Traffic is not flowing continuously through a tunnel for five minutes.

Change the configuration by running the following command:

set vpn "test" gateway "test" no-replay tunnel idletime 5 sec-level basic

idletime number is the length of time, in minutes, that a connection can remain inactive before the security device terminates it.

Now, if the traffic does not flow for five minutes, the VPN SA will expire and the following event log will be generated:

2014-01-13 05:55:46 system info 00536 Phase 2 SA for tunnel ID 1 has been
idle too long. Deactivated P2 SA and
sent a Delete msg to peer.

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