[Webapp Secure/Mykonos] How to factory reset Webapp Secure

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The KB provides the steps to factory reset the Webapp Secure (JWAS) device/VM
Need to delete all config/factory reset to default config

To factory reset the webapp secure, login to the device/VM through console or SSH and enter the shell through the command “sudo mykonos-shell” and run the command “config init”.

Before executing the reinitialization, it is important to backup the session encryption key and session initialization vector values and reconfigure those values, otherwise it could trigger false positives "Session ETag Spoofing" and "Session Cookie Spoofing" incidents

> config init
It is recommended that you run the following commands after initialization has
run. This will make sure that the system continues to accurately identify live

set engine.session.encryption_key YGvfeYwUDyIy4qlW
set engine.session.initialization_vector Zi9BWTmAqlCfORb6

300 parameters changed

NOTE: The encryption key and initialization vector values will be specific and different on each webapp Secure device/VM

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