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[Junos Space] Cannot detect device(s) listed while trying to install Signature DB via Junos Space WebUI

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This article provides information about detecting missing devices while trying to install a Signature DB.


Sometimes while trying to install a Signature DB, Junos Space cannot detect the devices listed even if the devices have an IDP license.

Following is a screenshot of the issue:

The window shows no data available.


Junos Space must find the IPS licenses on devices, otherwise it will not list them on the Install Signature page.


To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Security Director > Administration > Signature Database > Install Signatures.
  2. Perform a Full Probe or Delta Probe on the Space WebUI.

    1. Full Probe will scan for all the devices managed by Space.

    2. Delta Probe will scan for missing devices only.

  1. On successful completion of the Probe (a job will be created), you will see the devices listed.

Modification History:

2019-09-03: Modified the navigation path and screenshots as per latest SD versions

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