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[JWAS/Mykonos] Unable to send support bundle from JWAS

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The KB provides possible causes which leads to the scenario where JWAS will be unable to send support bundle
“support bundle could not be delivered” message is seen when trying to send the support bundle

Possible causes:
- Verify that JWAS has internet connection to reach the site. In HA setup, secondary device should also have the internet reachability to send support bundle.
- Make sure there is no firewall blocking the connection between JWAS and mykonos support site, https should be allowed.
- When the postgresql service is not running for some reason, then the support bundle cannot be fetched. Verify whether the postgresql service is running or not and start it if needed.

To check postgresql status:
[mykonos@JWAS-116 ~]$ sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql status
postmaster (pid 1751) is running...
[mykonos@JWAS-116 ~]$

To start the service if needed:
[mykonos@JWAS-116 ~]$ sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql start

When the support bundle is sent successfully, we should see the message “The support bundle has been successfully sent to support staff”.

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