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[JWAS/Mykonos] Application2 URL is getting redirected to Application1 URL

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This KB talks about a scenario and provides a resolution to an issue where an application gets redirected to another application when both of them traverse through JWAS
Two applications are defined in JWAS.


When is opened in a browser, it gets re-directed to

This issue is applicable only when one of the applications has SSL enabled and the other application doesn’t have SSL enabled.

For example, assume that applicable1 has SSL enabled and application2 doesn’t.

In such case, in SSL config the application1 will be tied to the listen its IP address on port 80 and port 443. Application2 will be bound on port 80, but will not have an IP address associated. This causes JWAS to bind all port 80 traffic to application1 as it is more specific and has ip address associated, so application2 traffic will be taken over by application1.

The workaround is to go to application2’s SSL configuration page, configure it to listen on it’s specific ip address (ie., application2 webserver ip address) on port 80 while leaving port 443 UNCHECKED and leaving the SSL certificate and key BLANK. This will put both the applications on equal precedence level, and will make the routing work as expected.

NOTE: This issue is applicable to version 5.1.3-24 and before. The issue will be fixed in next release.

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