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The address object or service object search functionality might not return all results in Junos Space Security Director, including objects that are known to exist, or were recently created.

This article gives a possible reason for the discrepancy in search results, and provides the steps to resolve the issue.



Sometimes the search functionality in Junos Space Security Director does not return correct results, including objects that are known to exist, or were recently created.



A possible cause might be that the search index files are corrupted.



Re-index from the Junos Space Web UI.

Re-indexing from the Web UI should repair most problems. To re-index, perform the following steps:

  1. From the application selector, select Network Management Platform.
  2. From the Administration section, select Applications.

  3. In the right pane, right-click Security Director, and then select Refresh search index.

The amount of time taken for re-indexing will vary depending on the total number of objects, but should generally take a few minutes.

Check whether indexing has started or finished.

Note: Indexing is independent on each Space node. This check needs to be done on all platform nodes in the fabric. When indexing has completed on one node but not on another, you will see intermittent search success as your user session is load-balanced to different platform nodes.

  1. From the Junos Space CLI, choose the Debug option.
  2. Run the following command:

# grep -i "full import" /var/log/jboss/servers/server1/SD.log
  1. Note the Index Start and Index Finish timestamps:

When indexing starts:

WARN [] (Thread-1406 (HornetQ-client-global-threads-198019841)) Start Full Import

When indexing finishes:

WARN [] (Thread-1406 (HornetQ-client-global-threads-198019841)) Full Import Done

Remove the current index data.

Note: Perform this step only if re-indexing from the Web UI did not resolve the problem.

The following steps are applicable to Junos Space version 16.1 and Security Director 16.2 and below.

For Junos Space 17.1 and later, refer to KB33496 - [Junos Space] Re-indexing object search in Junos Space Security Director 17.1R1 and later.

On all Junos Space nodes, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the CLI.
  2. Run the following commands to remove the current Security Director index data:

  • Stop JBoss on each node.
# service jmp-watchdog stop
# service jboss stop
  • Relocate the current data directory:

# mv /usr/local/jboss/standalone/data/solr /home/admin/solr.bad
  • Re-create the data directory and set permissions:

#mkdir /usr/local/jboss/standalone/data/solr
#chown jboss:jboss /usr/local/jboss/standalone/data/solr
#chmod 750 /usr/local/jboss/standalone/data/solr
  • Start the JBoss process. (If in Fabric, stop watchdog and JBoss on all nodes, then start watchdog on the VIP node first and later on other nodes.)

# service jmp-watchdog start
  1. After the Junos Space processes have restarted and you can log in to the Web UI, refresh the search index for both the Security Director application, as noted above, and the Platform Application.

  2. Observe the Security Director log, as noted above, to see the index task start and finish.


Modification History:

2019-01-22: Added a redirection link to KB33496, which has steps that are applicable for Junos Space version 17.1 and later, in the Solution section


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