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What’s New – September 2015

New Search Engine!
We’ve taken a giant step in improving the search experience. We changed the search engine, improved search relevancy, and created a universal interface for You can now search Company, Solutions, Product & Services, Knowledge Base, Security Advisories, TechLibrary, JNET community, and more … all using Google powered search tools.


September 2015

Changes to Knowledge Search (

Simplified Search - We’ve simplified the Knowledge Search home page. With improved search result relevancy, we moved the product and content source (site) selectors to the results page.

Multi-Site Selectors - By default, when submitting a query from the Knowledge Search site, the system will auto select Knowledge Base (KB) & Technotes (TN) sites. To adjust your results simply modify the site selection on the results page; as you add or remove sites your results are automatically updated.

Multi-Product Selectors - Multiple product selection filtering is now available. Use “View by Category” or “View by Name” to select your product(s).

Search Secure Content - If you do not see what you’re looking for, try logging in for more results. Click “Search Secure Content”, located just below the search box on the results page. Selecting secure content will trigger the login dialog box.

Browse All - Ability to browse all Knowledge Base & Technotes, Security Advisories, or Technical Bulletins has moved to the Support home and Support product pages.

Changes to Online Support (CSC)

Search boxes - Both the Global search, in the site header, and the Knowledge Search will continue to function in a similar manner; except both are now powered using Google search tools. The Global search will search all sites; whereas and the Knowledge Search will search Support, Knowledge Base (KB) & Technotes (TN), Security Advisories, Community (Forums), and TechLibrary sites.

Site links - The Knowledge Base (KB) & Technotes (TN), Security Advisories (JSA), and Technical Bulletins (TSB) links are equivalent to the “Browse All” feature; giving you quick access to all content for that site. The results are sorted by the “Last Modified Date”. Selecting the link on a product page will auto-filter the results to that product.

Search Tips

Search our site the same way you search with Google—type a few keywords, and let the search engine handle the rest. If you want to narrow down your results, just add a word or two to your search terms. You can also use the same search operators that are used on the Google website. Download the handy tips posted by the Information Experience group: search like a boss!

Or, if you prefer, you can narrow down the results to one particular section of the website or one product line using the Site Section and Product Filters on the left side of the search page.

Known Issues

The new search engine has a few limitations, but we’re quickly working to resolve them. Here is a list of the few items we’re still working on:

Last Modified Date – This filter does not work with the following sites: Knowledge Base (KB) & Technotes (TN), Security Advisories (JSA), and Technical Bulletins (TSB). The filter does work with other Sites (such as TechLibrary, Products & Services). To find a list of all Security Advisories (JSA) or Technical Bulletins (TSB) or Knowledge Base (KB) & Technotes (TN), use the links listed in the Online Support section above.

inmeta:gsaentity_site – Phrase displayed in search box after selecting one of the browse links (listed above).  This phrase is part of the Browse All functionality; we'll be updating this to a more meaningful phrase.  The results are displayed for the specific Site, sorted by the 'Last Modified Date'.  Use the Product filters to narrow your search.

JunosE Defect (KA) – Titles of KA content is the same. The legacy tool will remain available until we resolve this issue. JunosE Defect Search (login required)

Log Out - If you are logged into the Online Support (CSC) site and the search tool, selecting “Log Out” on the search tool will not log you out of the Online Support (CSC) site.  To logout of the Online Support (CSC) site, go to Online Support (CSC) and select Logout.

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