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[SRX]How to uninstall the Application Identification package

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Users can uninstall a predefined application package. The uninstall operation will fail if there are any active security policies referenced in the predefined application signatures in the Junos OS configuration. This article explains how to uninstall an application package safely.


 How can a user uninstall a predefined application package?


To uninstall an application package:

  1. Uninstall the application package:

    user@host> request services application-identification uninstall
    Please use command
      "request services application-identification uninstall status" to check status and use command "request services application-identification proto-bundle-status" to check protocol bundle status
  2. Check the uninstall operation status of the application package. The command output displays information about the uninstall status of the application package and protocol bundle.

    user@host>request services application-identification uninstall status
    Application package (2739) and Protocol bundle successfully uninstalled

The application package and protocol bundle are uninstalled on the device. To reinstall application-identification, download the application package and reinstall it.

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