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[Non-Junos] Licenses – Generate and Install

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This article describes how to generate and install license keys for my non-Junos products. Examples of these products are ScreenOS, Junos Space, JSA and SBR Carrier.

For Junos products, refer to KB9861 - [Junos] License - Activate and Install.

  • How can I generate and install a license for my non-Junos product?
  • My license key order has completed, and I have received an Authorization Code document for generating a license key for a Juniper product that does not run Junos. How do I do this? How do I install it?

To generate and install a perpetual (permanent) license on a non-Junos product, follow these steps.

  1. Complete Requirements
  2. Generate License
  3. Install License

Step 1 - 

To generate a license key, you will need the following:

  • An account to access the Customer Support Center or Partner Center. If you do not have an account, go to: Create User Account.

  • The Juniper Authorization Code Certificate. This information is sent via email after the license is purchased. If you did not purchase the license or you did not receive this information, contact your reseller.

  • The product Serial Number.

Some products require a Base Key to be generated before any other keys can be generated. This is achieved by entering the Serial Number of the product and then pressing 'Generate'. Products that require a Base Key are noted in the Requirements Table.

Step 2 -

Perpetual license (permanent license or non-subscription):

  1. Go to Manage Product Licenses. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in with a Juniper user account. If you do not have a user account, use the Create User Account tool.
  2. Select the appropriate Product Line from the drop down menu (on the Generate Licenses tab), and click Go.

  3. Enter the Product Serial Number and Authorization Code, along with any other required information, and click Generate.

    Note: The Serial Number listed in the Juniper Authorization Code Certificate is not the Product Serial Number. It is the Authorization Code Serial Number. Do not enter the Authorization Code Serial Number.

  4. Confirm the license information. Then click Generate License.

  5. Click the 'Download/E-mail' link to download or e-mail the generated licenses.

  6. Choose the file format: Text file or Microsoft Excel file. Most people choose text.

  7. Choose a delivery method: Download to your computer or e-mail. Most people use e-mail.

  8. Click OK. The Mail Confirmation screen appears. Confirm your information.

  9. Check your e-mail to locate the delivered license(s).

Step 3 -

The installation varies by product. Refer to the ‘Install License Key Instructions’ column in the Requirements Table for a link to the license installation instructions for your device.

Requirements Table

Requirements Table

Juniper Device

Serial  Number

Auth Code

Other Requirements

Install License Key Instructions

Firewall/IPSec VPN (NS Series, SSG, SRX, IDP ISG Upgrade Kit)



KB9856 - IDP license and NSM serial number for the ISG upgrade kit (IKT)

KB3731 - Juniper Firewall Download License Keys from Entitlement Server
KB5485 - Load or upgrade license key via the WebUI or CLI
KB4906 - How to tell if License Keys are installed

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) Appliance



For Base System functionality, Base License check box must be checked. For Advanced features or additional capacity, Serial Number and Authorization Code are required

KB9660 - IDP 4.1 Licensing FAQ

Junos SDK (Device apps only)




SDK - Installing Application Packages

Junos Space



Existing fabric can be expanded by adding more Serial Numbers and/or Authorization Codes

Generating and Uploading the Junos Space License Key File

NSM Software/NSM Appliance



Alternative: Serial Number printed with the Authorization Code. Install ID (generated when the software is installed).
NSM has a base key allowing 25 device management factory installed. Increased capacity will require an Authorization Code.
If a High Availability key is needed, the 'High Availability' box should be checked as well

KB23369 - [NSM] Licensing information

SBR Carrier



Customer email address

The license installation is part of the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier Script

JSA (Juniper Secure Analytics)
Previously Secure Analytics (STRM) Appliance




Juniper Secure Analytics Installation Guide

JSA (Juniper Secure Analytics) Virtual Appliance



Customer ID

Juniper Secure Analytics Virtual Appliance Installation Guide

SRC Series (Identity and Policy Control IPC)



Customer Name (Account Name) and Host Name

SRC PE Software - Getting Started Guide (see Part 3, Chapter 11)

vGW Software




Obtaining, Installing, and Managing vGW Series Licenses

WLC and vWLC



WLC & vWLC allow management of 1 AP as default increased capacity requires an Authorization Code

Release Notes for Mobility System Software
(see bottom of page 5)

WLM Hardware/Software and
WLM UMSP Appliance



WLM-RMTS includes a base license capable of management 3 AP's increased capacity requires an Authorization Code

KB30581 - WLM Ringmaster and Smartpass offline manual license key activation

WX CMS Product, WXC/WX Series, and WXC Integrated Services Module, (Application Acceleration Products)




Base Key required.
KB9860 - My Wan Acceleration (WX) License Key expired


  • Evaluation and Trial Keys: Consult KB15670 - What temporary license key options are available for Juniper products?

  • To transfer licenses for a Replacement device with an RMA number, consult: KB13500 - Transfer license keys to an RMA replacement device or consult Generate Licenses for RMA devices.

  • Possible errors while generating a license:

  • What if my product is not listed in the Requirements Table?

    If your product is not listed here, then it is not necessary to generate an unlocking key through Juniper's License Management System. Some of the Juniper product licenses will be covered by 'Right to Use' certificates which are e-mailed to you by your reseller (or included as paper licenses in the hardware shipment for some systems). These certificates will provide the terms of your software license agreement for your product and some may also include a pre-generated unlocking key (ready to input - no generation required).

    Some licenses will include a Software Serial Number (for example, Junos Space applications such as Network Director). It is important that these Serial Numbers are correctly registered as they will act as identifiers for your software in Juniper's install base. They are also used to entitle you for Technical Support (per your Support Agreement).

    If you are not sure whether the license will be covered by 'Right to Use' certificates or missing your required licenses, please contact your Juniper Reseller in the first instance. If your Reseller is unable to assist you, contact Juniper Customer Care.

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