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[AppSecure] Application Firewall - Configuration and Troubleshooting (JumpStation)

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AppSecure's Application Identification (AI) recognizes traffic at different layers using characteristics other than the port number. Once the application is determined, AppSecure service modules can be configured to monitor and control traffic for tracking, prioritization, access control, detection, and prevention based on the application ID of the traffic. The AppSecure service modules are:

  • Application Firewall (AppFW)
  • AppTrack
  • AppQoS
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)

This jumpstation focuses on the Application Firewall (AppFW) service module.  Administration, configuration, and troubleshooting assistance for Application Firewall (AppFW) features on SRX devices running Junos OS 12.1X47 and above are provided.

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