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[WLA/WLC] Example - Bonjour Gateway Configuration in MSS

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This article provides an example of configuring the Bonjour Gateway on the WLCs so that clients can discover printers over a wireless network.
As stated in the MSS 9.1 release, the Juniper Networks Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs) provide support for the Bonjour Gateway, which enables filtering of local Bonjour mDNS packets on the network and supports service discovery across multiple VLANs. However, the current implementation supports only IPv4 addressing.

The following capabilities are supported in this release:
  • Sharing Bonjour services across subnets and VLANs
  • Limiting Bonjour traffic over the WLAN
  • Limiting Bonjour services by user, location, and VLAN
  • Limiting devices by user role
A partial list of services that currently use the Bonjour services follows:
DNS SRV Service Type Service Description
_ipp Internet Printer
_afpovertcp Apple File Sharing
_airplay Apple TV
_Printer Printer Spooler
_daap Digital Auto Access Protocol (iTunes)
_home-sharing Sharing files across devices that use the same Apple ID
_raop IPAD (running IOS 7+) to discover Apple TV

Sample Configuration

Configure Bonjour on the WLCs so that clients can discover printers over a wireless network:
  1. To configure mdns-vlan:
        set mdns-vlan Printer-VLAN vlan Bonjour-VLAN
  2. To configure mdns-profile
         set mdns-profile Printer-Bonjour         
         set mdns-profile Printer-Bonjour service-instance-name * service _printer._tcp discover local       
         set mdns-profile Printer-Bonjour service-instance-name * service _printer._tcp advertise local
  3. To test a service profile: 
         set service-profile Bonjour-Test ssid-name Bonjour-Test
         set service-profile Bonjour-Test proxy-arp enable
         set service-profile Bonjour-Test dhcp-restrict enable
         set service-profile Bonjour-Test 11n short-guard-interval disable
         set service-profile Bonjour-Test multicast-conversion enable
         set service-profile Bonjour-Test rsn-ie cipher-ccmp enable
         set service-profile Bonjour-Test rsn-ie enable
         set service-profile Bonjour-Test attr mdns-profile Printer-Bonjour
         set service-profile Bonjour-Test attr vlan-name Bonjour-VLAN
         set radio-profile Bonjour-Radio
         set radio-profile Bonjour-Radio beacon-interval 250
         set radio-profile Bonjour-Radio rf-scanning mode passive
         set radio-profile Bonjour-Radio weighted-fair-queuing enable
         set radio-profile Bonjour-Radio 11n channel-width-na 20MHz
         set radio-profile Bonjour-Radio power-policy max-coverage
         set radio-profile Bonjour-Radio service-profile Bonjour-Test
  4. To enable mdns-gateway on the WLAs:
set ap apnum mdns-gateway-mode {enable | disable} 
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