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[MX] How to enable Tomcat (Next Generation Subscriber Management) on JUNOS 15.1R4 or later versions

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Tomcat is ‚Äčthe Next Generation Subscriber Management on JUNOS, which is a much higher scale, higher performance architecture.

This article provides the steps to enable Tomcat on JUNOS 15.1R4 and later version on MX router, which acts as BRAS.


Mandatory configuration:

  1. set system services subscriber-management enable

  2. set chassis network-services enhanced-ip  <-- This configuration requires Trio-only line cards, we do not suggest MSDPC to be installed in the chassis which would be used as Broadband Edge MX router.

  3. set system configuration-database max-db-size 314572800  <-- Adjust configuration DB allocation of shared memory for SMI (300 MB is more than sufficient for most configurations)

GRES is Strongly Recommended:

  1. set chassis redundancy graceful-switchover

  2. set routing-options nonstop-routing

  3. set system commit synchronize

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