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[SRX] Change in behavior of wildcards while creating URL patterns

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Beginning with Junos OS 12.1X46 on high-end SRX devices and 12.1X47 on Branch SRX, an enhancement has been introduced to the working of wildcard character '*' and '?'.


 Wild cards at the beginning of the URL

Previously the wild card '*' could match any string at the beginning of the URL when followed by a period '.' . For example, *.net could match,,, As this kind of wild card is too broad, a change in the behavior has been introduced.

1. The wildcard '*' can only represent a single word without any period '.'


* can match or
* cannot represent

2. A URL that is to be matched must have a minimum of 3 parts separated by period '.' . Patterns like *.com are not supported.


URLs like abc.local, def.local, xyz.local cannot be matched using pattern *.local

3. Wild card sequences '*', '*.*', '*.*.*' are one and the same.


*.* cannot match You will need * for the same

Wildcards at the end of URL

Each wild card '?' can represent one character, and there should be at least one domain (word) before '?'.


"" can match "" and ""
"" can match ""
"" can not match ""

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