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Example Configuration - Setup qfx5100-24q as an interconnect device in a QFabric system



Article ID: KB32062 KB Last Updated: 08 Nov 2017Version: 1.0

This article explains how to use qfx5100-24q as an interconnect device in a qfabric system. 
Consider the following: 

  • Only the qfx5100-24q model can be used as an interconnect.

  • It is only applicable for qfabric-m system

In this example, QFabric is running Junos version 14.1X53-D17.4. Standalone qfx5100-24q has Junos base OS boot [13.2X51-D38]‚Äč

To configure QFX5100-24q as an interconnect device: 
  1. On a qfx5100 standalone device, install jinstall-qfabric-5-14.1X53-D15.2-domestic-signed.tgz  [Note: Alternatively you can directly load 14.1X53-D17.4 image ]

  2. On a standalone QFX5100, upgrade or downgrade using operational commands can be performed without any restrictions.

  3. This step will make the stand-alone box qfabric ready.

  4. Once booted with the qfabric code it will come online as Line-card


  5. Do show chassis device-mode. The device-mode will be shown as "Node-Device

    root@VG3715240147> show chassis device-mode
    Current device-mode : Node-device
    Future device-mode after reboot : Node-device

  6. Change the mode to inter-connect manually.

    root@VG3715240147> request chassis device-mode ?
    Possible completions:
    interconnect-device  Set device to be in interconnect mode

  7. Reboot the switch. It will come up as inter-connect device.

    root@VG3715240147> show chassis device-mode
    Current device-mode : Interconnect-device
    Future device-mode after reboot : Interconnect-device

    root@VG3715240147> show version
    Hostname: VG3715240147
    Model: qfx5100-24q-2pi
    Junos: 14.1X53-D15.2

    The switch is now ready to be connected in qfabric, and take the inter-connect role

  8. Once verified, connect the CPE links. Upgrade to the qfabric-code will happen automatically by the fabric DG.

    Hostname: IC-VG3715240147
    Model: qfx5100-24q-2pi   
    JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [14.1X53-D17.4]  <-- Original code that the QFabric is running
    show fabric administration inventory | no-more
    qf3-ic1               IC-VG3715240147       Connected       Configured    
    VG3715240147/RE0                            Connected                    
  9. After the device become attached into the QFabric, connect the fte-links towards the node-groups

    Device ID: qf3-ic1, Type: qfx3600-16q

    Fabric: Incoming links:
    qf3-nng-1:fte-0/1/0        -> qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/0       Ok    
    qf3-nng-2:fte-0/1/0        -> qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/1       Ok    
    qf3-rsng1-1:fte-0/1/0      -> qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/2       Ok    
    qf3-rsng2-1:fte-0/1/0      -> qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/3       Ok    
    qf3-rsng1-2:fte-0/1/0      -> qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/4       Ok    
    qf3-rsng2-2:fte-0/1/0      -> qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/5       Ok    
    qf3-rsng3-1:fte-0/1/0      -> qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/6       Ok    
    qf3-rsng3-2:fte-0/1/0      -> qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/7       Ok    

    Fabric: Outgoing links:
    qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/0          -> qf3-nng-1:fte-0/1/0     Ok    
    qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/1          -> qf3-nng-2:fte-0/1/0     Ok    
    qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/2          -> qf3-rsng1-1:fte-0/1/0   Ok    
    qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/3          -> qf3-rsng2-1:fte-0/1/0   Ok    
    qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/4          -> qf3-rsng1-2:fte-0/1/0   Ok    
    qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/5          -> qf3-rsng2-2:fte-0/1/0   Ok    
    qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/6          -> qf3-rsng3-1:fte-0/1/0   Ok    
    qf3-ic1:fte-0/1/7          -> qf3-rsng3-2:fte-0/1/0   Ok   

    Device is now ready to use and forward traffic.
NOTE: Once the qfx5100-24q joins the QFabric as an interconnect device, it will be: qf3-ic1, Type: qfx3600-16q
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