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How do I verify if Juniper has received the defective part(s) for my RMA?

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This article provides information on who to contact regarding the return of the defective part(s).
If you would like a confirmation that Juniper Networks has received the defective part(s) or have any questions with regards to defective returns please contact the following:

For Advance Replacements (DOAs, AR1, AR5, SD,SDCE, ND and NDCE) email: For RTF (​Return To Factory) email:
You may also check the status of the RMA via My Juniper RMA Management.  NOTE: Please make sure that you have the RMA ID on hand or the Technical Service Request ID.
For further assistance, contact Customer Care.
Modification History:
2019-02-27: Included link for checking RMA status via My Juniper
2019-06-10: Added note about having the RMA ID on hand.
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