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[WLA/WLC] How to view status summary using Ringmaster

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This article explains how to view the status summary of the each WLA and WLC using Ringmaster.

  1. In Ringmaster, under the Monitor tab, the status summary shows the status of the WLCs, WLAs and Radios in a table format.

  2. From Ringmaster 9.2, hyperlinks are provided for WLCs, WLAs and Radios to view the status summary.

  3. ​By clicking on the hyperlinks of the WLCs, WLAs and Radios, the status page of the respective WLC, WLA and Radios will be displayed regardless of the status (up or down).   

  4. To view the WLA detailed summary, click on the details. The detailed WLA status summary section is updated to display as a four column table.
  5. The first and third columns mention the attributes. The second and fourth columns mention their respective values.

  6. By default, the WLA ports section is displayed in expanded view whenever the WLA view is loaded.

  7. The Radio status, client details and RF neighborhood details sections display by default. There is an option to expand or collapse these sections.

  8. By default, the first five records are shown in client sessions and RF neighborhood sections. If there are more than five records available, click more details to display all the records.




  9. The client details and RF Neighborhood details can be customize by hiding or exposing columns; thereby choosing to display only relevant information

  10. To hide or expose columns, click the show/hide columns icon and select the name of the column that you want to view in the table

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