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[WLA/WLC] How to configure 'Message of the Day' banner on Ringmaster

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This article explains how to configure a 'Message of the Day' banner on Ringmaster.


In Ringmaster, there is an option to display a 'Message of the Day' before logging into it. The 'Message of the Day' banner can be a message to users or legal and government-mandated warning messages.

To specify a message of the day in Ringmaster, take the following steps:

  1. In the Ringmaster GUI, click the Setup tab -> Server Settings

            b. ​Below the MOTD, type the message of the day. (For example: “welcome to the Lab”)

            c. Select the check box for Display message of the Day, then click the Save button.

​Note: The MOTD banner text can be up to 2000 alphanumeric characters in length, including tabs and carriage returns enclosed in delimiting characters. For example, double quotes ('"). The text cannot contain lines longer than 256 characters

The next time you login to Ringmaster (application or GUI), the message of the day will be displayed. The user will have to acknowledge the MOTD before logging into the Ringmaster. 

Ringmaster Application



Ringmaster WebGUI:


When the user accepts the message, the ringmaster login page will be displayed:

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