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[SRX] What is the difference between "junos-icmp-all" and "junos-ping"?

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The following predefined applications are similar and return the same content:

application junos-icmp-all {
term t1 protocol icmp;
application junos-ping {
    term t1 protocol 1;

This article explains the difference between these two applications.


Functionally, junos-ping and junos-icmp-all are the same. The target protocol for both applications is all types of ICMP, as shown above.

These two applications are inherited for configuration compatibility.

  • junos-icmp-all was used by J-Series and MX/T-Series as part of Junos OS.

  • junos-ping came from Netscreen as part of Junos-ES OS.

When the two operating systems merged, both applications remained to preserve configuration compatibility.

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