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[WLA/WLC] How to add and view the summary of watched clients using Ringmaster

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This article discusses how to add and view the summary of watched clients using Ringmaster.


Ringmaster gives a Network Admin option to monitor any client. Adding the client to a watch list allows an easy way to track client details such as statistics, performance, location history and reports.

 To add a client to the watch client list in Ringmaster, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Ringmaster application

  2. From the top navigation menu, click the Clients tab.
    On the right side bar menu, click Watched Clients

  3. Under the Setup section, click Add Watched Client.

  4. Enter the MAC address of the client that needs to be watched. Then click on OK.

  5. To view the added watched client details, select the client you want to monitor and navigate to the Collected Data tab.

  6. In the Collected Data, client details can be customized by bandwidth, RSSI, SNR, client failures and many more. Drop down and select the name of the column and time that you want to view in the Watched Clients.

  7. In the Locations tab of the Collected Data, you can view where the client session is located (WLC and WLA details)

  8. To view the session properties of the client, select the client and click on the session details below the "view" which displays the information of session statistics, location history, session attributes.

  9. By using Find Clients, you can search the particular client by selecting a search criteria like session type, username, mac address, SSID, vlan name etc.

  10. If you want to remove the client from the watched clients, select the client you want to remove from the Watched List and click on Remove from watch below the setup.

    ‚ÄčNote: If the Ringmaster monitoring database is very large, it might take 20–30 minutes for the database to update with the additional watched clients. It is recommended to limit the number of watched clients to five.

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