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[EX] File-fetch failed error while saving the rescue configuration

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When trying to save a rescue configuration on the EX series of devices, the "File-fetch failed" error is logged. This article explains the reason for the error and the workaround.



The following error message is seen on the VC environment when trying to save a rescue configuration:

root> request system configuration rescue save
error: File-fetch failed



The error is logged when saving a recently committed configuration as a rescue configuration.



This issue has been fixed in Junos OS releases 14.1X53-D30, 15.1R2, and 16.1R1 as per PR1074772.

Meanwhile, a workaround for other releases is as follows:

  1. Manually copy the current configuration to a rescue configuration:
    root> file copy /config/juniper.conf.gz /config/rescue.conf.gz
  2. Copy the rescue configuration from the master to the backup routing engine:
root> file copy /config/rescue.conf.gz fpcX:/config/rescue.conf.gz

Note: In the command, fpcX refers to the backup engine where you want to copy the rescue configuration. For example, if fpc1 is the backup routing engine, the following command would be used:

root> file copy /config/rescue.conf.gz fpc1:/config/rescue.conf.gz

Note: To execute the above commands, the file needs to be changed to be writable at the shell prompt by using the command "%chmod 777 /config/rescue.conf.gz" or the user would require root permission.


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